Rising of the setting sun

Regia: Julie Hössle
Fotografia: Andrea Bertoldi
Suono e Montaggio: Claudia Gerstl
Produzione: ZeLIG scuola di documentario
Anno: 2019
Durata: 52 minuti.

The inhabitants of a small Portuguese isle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean struggle with the vanishing of the natural source of life. Life on the island is characterized by a strong dependency on natural elements. A volcano, the heart of the island, shows the islanders over and over again the indomitable power of nature. And yet there are not only the effects of nature that influence people’s existence, but also the deeds of humanity itself. Life on and around the island is deceasing and nothing seems to be enough to stop it. What has to happen that this state of destruction changes? The film tells of the emotion, that is connected to the destruction of nature. Is there still hope? Or are we locked in paralysis?

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Vincitore del “Gaia Student Award” al BIFED Festival

Ufficialmente selezionato al Festival dei popoli