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“By any measure, we live in an extraordinary and extreme time. Language can no longer describe the world in which we live. With antique ideas and old formulas, we continue to describe a world that is no longer present. In this loss of language, the word gives way to the image as the ‘language’ of exchange, in which critical thought disappears to a diabolic regime of conformity – the hyper-real, the omnipresent image. Language, real place gives way to numerical code, the real virtual; metaphor to metamorphosis; body to disembodiment; natural to supernatural; many to one. Mystery disappears, replaced by the illusion of certainty in technological perfection.”
― Godfrey Reggio

Italia – 75 min – Colore – 2019

Portogallo – 52 min – Colore – 2019

Italia – 43 min – Colore – 2018

Italia – Colore – 2019

Italia – 17 min – Colore – 2017

Italia – 19 min – Colore – 2018